The Digi-Wave Intercom Bridge is ideal for use in event production where full-duplex communication is desired between non-mobile and mobile crew members in the same venue. This wireless add-on bundle offers the seamless expansion of an existing Clear-Com® 2-wire intercom base system to include wireless, full-duplex Digi-Wave DLT 300 transceivers from Williams AV. It supports up to six simultaneous open microphones and an unlimited number of Digi·Wave devices in a given area. Range is up to 228 metres (750 feet).

DLT 300: This Digi-Wave transceiver features full-duplex capability for more natural conversations. Provides secure, crystal-clear audio. Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. One- or two-way operation offers flexibility in an array of applications. With the push of a button, users can access two-way communication for immediate interaction or Q&A.


(1) ADP 903 2 to 4 Wire Adapter
(1) BKT 032 Digi-Wave Transceiver Cradle
(1) DLT 300 Digi-Wave Transceiver
(1) TFP 058 Power Supply
(1) WCA 127 Interface Cable
(1) PLT 005 Tuning Screw Driver

Digi-wave Intercom Bridge
Digi-wave Intercom Bridge – How it Works
The adapter connects a wired intercom system to a Digi-wave transmitter that is always powered on. This transmitter broadcasts to another Digi-wave transmitter that is working wirelessly. Thus, the wireless system can receive and output audio from the wired system.