How to Set Up Simultaneous Interpretation with ListenTALK

Watch this short video for a step-by-step guide to set up interpreter mode on your ListenTALK system. 05 April, 2021 saw the release of firmware 2.0 for ListenTALK devices, bringing a range of new features and updates. Read more… Find… Continue Reading →

Tech Notes about using Lithium Ion Batteries in ListenTALK Devices

Extending the Battery Life of Portable Listen Devices In this Tech-Note you’ll find these tips… Charge Devices When They Are Not In-Use Replace a Depleted Battery with a Pre-Charged Battery Use a Third-Party External Battery Charger Use AAA Batteries with… Continue Reading →

ListenTALK LK-1 Talkback Modes

The purpose of this tech note is to discuss the various Talkback modes used with theListenTALK transceiver and to assist in exploring the best configuration for your applicationneeds. Talkback refers to the ability for Participants to communicate with the tour… Continue Reading →

How to Update your ListenTALK Devices to Firmware Version 2.

Watch this short video for a step-by-step guide to update the firmware on your ListenTALK system. About ListenTALK

Sanitising Equipment with Alcohol Wipes

You may use wipes impregnated with isopropyl alcohol on all tourguide equipment & device’s hard surfaces, headphones, headsets, cables, cases, chargers etc. Avoid plugs, sockets and connector contacts – wipe-off alcohol immediately with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel…. Continue Reading →

UNITE Tour Guide Talk Modes

The UNITE Tour Guide System from beyerdynamic is easily configured for various tour talk modes. Options include one or two guides presenting, participant talkback, playback of audio from external media sources like a TV/video clip, and adding simultaneous translation channels…. Continue Reading →

How to fit a tourguide earpiece (ear-hook speaker, earphone).

Tips! hold the earphone with the loudspeaker opening/slots/holes facing into your ear the cable outlet positioned to the rear with most models pull your earlobe through the earpiece loop, to secure the fitting Sanitising for COVID-19 The standard tourguide earpieces… Continue Reading →

How to Use a Head-worn Microphone for a Tourguide

Best results are achieved when the microphone is in the optimum position for the tour guide. Here are some hints & tips for common applications and environments. Walking tour indoors – where the background noise level is low (like a… Continue Reading →

Things to consider when evaluating tour guide equipment – #3

Stethoset, earpiece or headphone – which is best?

Listen EVERYWHERE and QR Codes

QR Codes enable your guests to: Connect to your wi-fi network Download the ListenEVERYWHERE App Connect directly to stream audio Wi-Fi Connect QR Code This QR Code connects a smartphone directly to the venue Wi-Fi.  This is ideal when you… Continue Reading →

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