How to fit a tourguide earpiece (ear-hook speaker, earphone).

Tips! hold the earphone with the loudspeaker opening/slots/holes facing into your ear the cable outlet positioned to the rear with most models pull your earlobe through the earpiece loop, to secure the fitting Sanitising for COVID-19 The standard tourguide earpieces… Continue Reading →

Operating & Battery Charging Tourguide Equipment in High Ambient Temperature

So, its a beautiful day for a walking tour with glorious sunshine but its hot, very hot. Most of the tourguide receivers and tourguide transmitters will operate in ambient temperatures between 0° and 40° C (32° to 104° F). The… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Tourguide-SYSTEMS blog

Welcome to the Tourguide-SYSTEMS blog, where you’ll find information about tourguide systems, new products, technical bulletins, application tips & examples. Let’s Talk… Reading is great but we prefer to talk, no pressure, no sales tactics – just pure simple facts… Continue Reading →

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