Williams Sound has further expanded the functionality of the portable DLT300 transceivers. Already featuring a unique true simultaneous interpretation mode — where interpreters can hear the floor language in their headset while simultaneously transmitting the interpreted language on a separate channel — the Digiwave DLT 300 now offers a new bilingual mode for conference interpreting.

The new bilingual mode enables an interpreter to quickly and seamlessly switch the transmission channel when he or she switches between different target languages. Now, an interpreter can react quickly when the floor language changes; there is no need to change headsets/rewire or instruct the audience to change channels.

Furthermore, the new relay mode enables one interpreter to act as the relay language — a worldwide first for a completely portable solution. There is no need for an interpreter console or a base station to offer relay capability. Relay mode gives event coordinators more flexibility when hiring interpreters. There is no need for cumbersome/expensive additional equipment and you may even use bilingual modes for walking tours.

Bilingual Mode example

Bilingual mode allows the interpreter to quickly switch their output channel between Ch. 1 or Ch. 2, depending on which language/audience needs to hear them. This mode eliminates the need for the interpreter to use – and physically switch between – 2 DLT units programmed to fixed channels.

Bilingual Mode

In this example the Floor changes from a Welsh speaker to an English speaker. When the Floor is speaking Welsh, the bilingual interpreter uses the v button to select Ch. 1 as the output channel and interprets Welsh to English to the English audience listening on Ch. 1.

When the Floor changes to an English speaker, the interpreter uses the ^ button to select Ch. 2 as the output channel and interprets English to Welsh to the Welsh audience listening on Ch. 2.

Relay Mode example

Relay Mode

Interpretation with Relay Mode allows the interpreter to quickly switch between listening to the Floor on Channel 0 or the Relay on Channel 1.

In this example, the Floor is speaking Welsh. The Welsh audience can listen to the Floor on Ch. 0. Interpreter #1 pushes the ā€œvā€ button to hear the Floor, and interprets Welsh to English to the audience listening on Ch. 1.

Interpreter #2 listens to the Relay (Interpreter #1) by pushing the ^ button and interprets English to Spanish to the audience listening on Ch. 2.

Digi-wave is available to hire or buy from us. We also hold headsets for interpreters, interpreter consoles, various headphones for listeners, wide-area transmission systems for auditorium coverage, and BOSE sound systems for presentations & conferences.