Our Digiwave tour guide hire system offers wireless, two-way discussion with up to six simultaneous talkers and a group size of 400+. Ideal communications solution for social distancing in the workplace.

Training & staff induction can all be improved with two-way (full-duplex) communication that facilitates interactive tours and training sessions with participants up to 30 metres apart. Ideal for staff training scenarios, instructors with students for teaching environments, command control centres – include up to 14 interpreter channels.

Using headset talkback for social distancing
Interactive Training Using Digi-wave Two-way Audio

Configurable function of the TALK button:

  • push-to-talk to ask a question or join the discussion
  • intercom allows up to six talkers in the group to talk freely (full duplex / open discussion) where participants of a group may discuss without the need to push-to-talk every time. 

Expand Your AV System with Wireless Audio

Digi-Dock provides the Digi-wave system with an audio interface to external audio-visual systems (applications like telemedicine) or long-cable remote links.

Digi-dock audio interface for Digi-wave
Digi-Dock provides an audio interface to Digi-wave from Video Conference, PA System, etc

Why Digi-Wave?…..consider these features.

  • Full duplex operation (open two-way speech between activated units, i.e. no ‘push-to-talk’ action)
  • Programme for two, four or six units to talk simultaneously within a group
  • Run four simultaneous groups in full two-way speech mode
  • Built-in microphone and speaker 
  • Compact, stylish and completely portable
  • 14 hour battery life
  • Comprehensive range of headsets for tourguides
  • State of the art digital technology for clear, high quality audio
  • Patented, frequency hopping technology minimizes interference from other devices

Hire Digiwave Two-way Headset Communications Packages.

  • Bespoke hire packages
  • Configured for you and ready-to-use upon delivery
  • Comprehensive range of microphones, headsets, Peltor ear-defenders and headphones
  • 1-2-1 to group sizes 400+ participants

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