Which battery type to choose?

Rechargeable or disposable – the selection mostly depends on the frequency of use. If you already operate regular monthly tours for example, then using disposable batteries in tourguide equipment is probably the better option. A system using disposable batteries has a lower initial cost and is typically more compact when in storage cases as there is no charger. Operational time is sometimes longer when using alkaline batteries rather than using equivalent size rechargeable batteries. If your tours are more frequent, such as daily, then using rechargeable batteries in your tourguide equipment makes sense.

TIP! If you may find yourself at a location where you are unable to connect the charger to the mains, you should consider the device option where you could temporarily use alkaline batteries.

Some devices have and integral rechargeable battery while others will have a battery compartment where you may insert alkaline or rechargeable cells. Devices with integral batteries usually offer much smaller & lighter system packages. Chargers are automatic and recharge time varies between 3 and 14 hours (from completely discharged). Most have battery-condition sensing and deliver only the charge needed by each device – this feature is useful if you often only use some devices on your tours; the charger will maintain all device’s batteries in their best condition, regardless of their frequency of use. Rechargeable battery types used in tourguide equipment are Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH), Lithium-ion (Li-ion) or Lithium-polymer (LiPo) – check the recharge and operation times stated for the devices you are considering.

Many devices use AA or AAA size rechargeable cells – this means you can use alkaline batteries on occasions when you are away from the charger or for an unscheduled tour when the devices are not already charged.

Rechargeable batteries may be more environmentally-friendly than more frequent recycling of used alkaline batteries.

ensure you use batteries to their full potential more…

Recycling ♻︎

You must recycle all batteries! Remember that you will need to retain spent batteries and take them to a battery recycling point after your tour(s). 

When you hire tourguide system from us, return any spent batteries and we’ll send them to recycling!

We use a battery compliance scheme to manage recycling of spent batteries that is registered with the Environment Agency.