Headset talkback for social distancing in the workplace.

Communication for your personnel at your COVID-Secure workplace

ListenTALK is a mobile two-way communication system, allowing teams to maintain a safe distance at work. The wireless system features a sleek, wearable transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) that enables mobile group communication with the touch of a button. ListenTALK is the long-term solution as people begin re-entering the workplace. Production line huddle meetings can be held with social distancing, while staying connected to the whole team with 2-way headsets.

Communicate clearly at a 2 metre social distance, eliminating barriers like wearing face masks.
  • Communicate clearly, while maintaining a social distance
  • Eliminates barriers including distance, face masks, background noise, and hearing loss
  • Various headset options – lightweight to ear-defender
  • Easy to setup and sanitise between use
  • Licence-free, stand-alone system
  • Interface with external audio devices – e.g. for expanding the audio of a Zoom presentation or MS Teams conference call to the ListenTALK participants
  • Up to 30 work groups for separate teams in the warehouse, shop floor, load bay for example.

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