Digi-Wave, the two-way radio tourguide system, is available for hire. You can now take small groups of VIP’s around your site for a fully-interactive experience – DigiWave DLT100 pocket transceivers provide high quality audio for your tour party with the added feature of allowing them to ask questions or talk to each other with the touch of button. Your tour group members wear a lightweight headset which has a single earpiece and boom microphone (like a telephonist) and everyone can have a pocket transceiver (the size of an iPod). If your tour is in a noisy factory, then we have ear-defender headsets too, helping to protect hearing while allowing everyone to communicate.

DigiWave allows two or more tourguides to lead a tour group and/or interact with local guides at stations around the tour route.


  • In a factory, the main tourguide can lead the tour party (DLT100 transceivers) with visitors listening (DLR60 receivers). The guide can then talk (two-way) with each production line supervisor – all your visitors will hear a highly informative and dynamic tour.
  • Foreign visitors can also join a tour and listen to their interpreter – up to 14 interpreter channels available in addition to the tourguide/floor-language
  • VIP tours of your facilities can now offer interactive tours even in noisy environments – small groups can use DLT100 transceivers with headset/boom microphones allowing any two in the party to talk.

Applications include use in factories, museums, campus tours, field trips, tourist attractions and as a fully portable audio description system.

  • 2-way, push-to-talk communication allows for listener Q&A.
  • The main tour guide always controls the conversation
  • Four groups can operate simultaneously within a 60 metre range
  • Listeners can use a single ear-hook speaker, earphones, headphones, neck loops or the built-in speaker.

Digi-Wave 3.0 – we also have the latest model DLT300 transceivers that allow up to six simultaneous talkers in a tour group!

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