Portable Tourguide Systems offer communication technology to help meet the challenge of your language interpretation application whether at school, in a house of worship, a courtroom or walking tour. Here at Tourguide-SYSTEMS, we provide both transportable and installed digital solutions for small to medium-size group venues including presentation-style conferences, meetings and services at places of worship.

Interpreters – linguists may hire portable tourguide equipment to provide the simultaneous translation service for their client’s events. 
We deliver to UK residential or business addresses and direct to business locations throughout Western Europe usually with online tracking and opt-in SMS/text updates to your mobile. All kits are pre-configured and ready-to-use out-of-the-box. You may pay by card, bank transfer or PayPal.

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Simultaneous Translation or Sim. Tran. – we can provide pocket-portable devices for up to 15 simultaneous languages whether you have 30 or 300+ listeners. We have dual interpreter consoles with a choice of headsets for the interpreters and can arrange interpreters and booths if required.

Multi-language Walking Tours – your tour leader may be heard directly by the interpreter(s) and simultaneous translation provided for some or many of the party. Listeners in the tour group may select either the tour leader or their respective language channel. Our systems can provide up to 14 language channels in addition to the tourguide (or floor language)

Portable Interpreter Kits – we have Digi-wave systems available that allow you to place a small transmitter microphone with the talker, on the lectern, or in the centre of a small conference table, so you [as the conference interpreter] may hear the floor language/talker directly in your headset and then provide simultaneous-translation (no straining to hear and you can choose your preferred position in the room). This may be repeated for up to 14 interpreter languages in one group. The entire system uses pocket-sized Digi-wave devices, so its even suitable for walking tours. At larger events you can either place the transmitter next to an in-house PA loudspeaker (or, better still, by direct cable connection of the transmitter to the source of the floor language, the house-PA sound mixer for example). We can provide the right kit and cables for your event.

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