As restrictions ease, challenges remain in the COVID-secure workplace, including the need to communicate while social distancing & wearing masks, in order to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Many situations arise that will benefit with headsets for staff social distancing that allow two-way conversation (e.g. operatives, production-line workers, picking & packing, staff-induction & training, huddle meeting).

Wireless Two-way Headsets enable natural conversation between team members at a safe distance by providing hands-free discussion similar to a conference call. Lightweight headsets for general areas with the option of advanced ear-defender headsets offering hearing protection. Team members can hear each other clearly even in high noise, which eliminates the need for talking face-to-face. Workers can safely maintain social distance while continuing to collaborate and communicate as the work continues. Staff training and induction can continue at a safe distance by using a wireless headset communication system. Multiple speakers within each group are possible and multiple groups in the same area.

Two-way headset communication system
ListenTALK 2-way Communication System 4-Person Package


  • Open Microphone option for hands-free instant two-way communication
  • Push-to-talk option minimises background noise for users (reducing hearing fatigue, while improving clarity)
  • Hygiene – all products at may be sanitized with alcohol-infused wipes.
  • Multiple speakers – any 3 team members may talk simultaneously
  • Multiple groups – up to 30 groups working independently


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We have a range of wireless headset communications packages to provide effective talkback solutions enabling social distancing at work due to COVID-19 coronavirus.

Rent for from just a day or for a few months while restrictions are in-place or, buy as a long-term solution.

Headsets available for all types of environment
Tour Guide Headsets Comply with EU Standard EN352-1:2002

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