When considering whether you will need to adapt your tour for accessibility by visitors, don’t forget that your tourguide system can help. While there may be obvious benefits to the majority of tourguide users, as they will hear the guide’s voice directly through an earpiece or headphones, did you know that the same tourguide receiver can also provide assistance for hearing aid users?

You may wish to advise your tour visitors that neck-loops are available for hearing aid users

Applicable for hearing aids fitted with a Telecoil – these have a “T-position”

commonly used in theatres, cinemas and ticket booths.

see below: How it works?

Include details in your invitation and publicity material (if you are hiring from us at Tourguide-SYSTEMS, a table-top notice is available that also shows user instruction).

Remember to order neck-loops with your tour guide system hire – allow for 1-in-10 for general public, although this is likely to be higher with groups of older adults.

How a Neck-loop Works

Example hearing aid with ‘T-position’ setting
Sennheiser receiver with lanyard (1) and neck loop

The neck-loop is a miniature audio induction loop worn around a user’s neck. It uses invisible magnetic energy to transfer the electrical signal from a pocket tour guide receiver directly into a hearing aid that is equipped with a telephone coil.  When the audio signal from an earphone or loudspeaker jack is fed into the neck-loop, a magnetic field is created around the neck-loop wire and user’s head. As the audio signal varies, the magnetic field also varies. The varying magnetic field induces a small electrical current in the hearing aid’s telephone-coil corresponding to the original audio signal. The T-coil’s signal is then amplified and converted to sound by the hearing aid.

Available to Hire or Buy

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