Factory Tour Success with ListenTALK

ListenTALK tourguide systems are enhancing visitor tours all over the world. Here’s another example, this one’s in the USA. When you’re leading executives on a factory tour of a Blue Buffalo manufacturing facility, it is essential to keep their attention…. Continue Reading →

Selecting interpretation equipment

Equipment Required for Interpretation Transmitter. This is the equipment that will be connected to the interpreter console to transmit, or wirelessly distribute, the audio. Sometimes it is used on a stand-alone basis in small and less complex events. This can… Continue Reading →

Including hearing-aid users in the tour party

When considering whether you will need to adapt your tour for visitors with disabilities, don’t forget that your tourguide system can help. While there may be obvious benefits to the majority of tourguide users, as they will hear the guide’s… Continue Reading →

Using Digi-wave for Theatre Talkback Comms

The Digi-Wave Intercom Bridge is ideal for use in event production where full-duplex communication is desired between non-mobile and mobile crew members in the same venue. This wireless add-on bundle offers the seamless expansion of an existing Clear-Com® 2-wire intercom… Continue Reading →

Bilingual interpretation mode for Digi-wave tourguide system

Williams Sound has further expanded the functionality of the portable DLT300 transceivers. Already featuring a unique true simultaneous interpretation mode — where interpreters can hear the floor language in their headset while simultaneously transmitting the interpreted language on a separate… Continue Reading →

A Sound Revolution: The BBC carries out 3D sound tests

We spend much of our time at Tourguide-SYSTEMS using headphones, so we found this article very interesting. Scientists at BBC R&D experiment by “moving” headphone sound from “inside your head” to “virtual audio reality”.3D sound effects that can cause people… Continue Reading →

The Digi-Wave Dock

New product from Williams Sound for the DigiWave digital tourguide system. The Digi-Wave Dock offers an innovative extension to the Digi-Wave two-way wireless communication system from Williams Sound. It provides a simple, flexible way to connect portable Digi-Wave systems to… Continue Reading →

Williams Sound makes a case for large-system transport

Check out this pair of carry cases from Williams Sound. The CCS 048 and CCS 049 are ideal for protecting and transporting large Digi-Wave™ systems, with slots for receiver or transceiver devices. Both cases feature extendable handles and bottom wheels… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Tourguide-SYSTEMS blog

Welcome to the Tourguide-SYSTEMS blog, where you’ll find information about tourguide systems, new products, technical bulletins, application tips & examples. Let’s Talk… Reading is great but we prefer to talk, no pressure, no sales tactics – just pure simple facts… Continue Reading →

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