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A Sound Revolution: The BBC carries out 3D sound tests

Category : Audio Technology

We spend much of our time at Tourguide-systems using headphones, so we found this article very interesting.
Scientists at BBC R&D experiment by “moving” headphone sound from “inside your head” to “virtual audio reality”.
3D sound effects that can cause people quite literally to jump!
The ultimate objective of this research is to bring 3D sound production techniques that mimic natural hearing cures to the home/office.
Watch this space. As ever we’ll make sure we stay at the leading edge of technological developments.
For the full article please click here.

The Digi-Wave Dock

Category : Digi-Wave

New product from Williams Sound for the DigiWave digital tourguide system. The Digi-Wave Dock offers an innovative extension to the Digi-Wave two-way wireless communication system from Williams Sound. It provides a simple, flexible way to connect portable Digi-Wave systems to other fixed systems. The connection begins when a Digi-Wave transceiver or receiver is simply plugged into the Dock. The Dock provides continuous power and/or charging for two Digi-Wave devices, and has separate audio inputs and outputs in each of its bays; both unbalanced phono and XLR 3-pin connectors allow connection of domestic audio and professional sound products. Ideal for use with the iC-2 Interpreter Console.

Digi-Wave Digital Transceiver DLT 100 2.0 Now Available

Category : Digi-Wave, Tour Guide Systems

Fresh. New. Dynamic.

Already the master of multiple communications, the Digi-Wave™ DLT 100 2.0 transceiver now features the ease and convenience of simplified menu programming, quick group change, and optional push-to-talk features. The stylish, new 2.0 shines with enhanced flexibility and convenience. Make it your go-to for seamless, stunning sound.

Digi-Wave Digital Transceiver DLT 100 2.0

beyerdynamic Synexis

Category : Uncategorized

Synexis is a wireless system designed for guided tours, assistive listening, interpretation applications and can also be used as command system. The system is very versatile and suitable for many applications. When transmitting information, the spoken word is essential whether in a small or large group of people. With Synexis you can be sure that it will perform perfectly. The system features properties such as an optimum speech intelligibility and easy handling for a variety of applications. The extensive product range and many product features meet any requirement. This includes the practical transport and charging case or an individual charging and storage cabinet. Synexis can be used at any time.

Williams Sound makes a case for large-system transport

Category : Uncategorized

Check out this pair of NEW carry cases from Williams Sound. The CCS 048 and CCS 049 are ideal for protecting and transporting large Digi-Wave™, FM and Infrared communication systems. Both feature extendable handles and bottom wheels for easy transport.

Heavy-duty Carry Case (CCS 048)
Features two 70-slot foam inserts
(140 total slots).

Heavy-duty Carry Case (CCS 049)
Features one 70-slot foam insert
and one open-tray-style foam insert
(70 total slots).

Welcome to the Tour Guide Systems blog


Category : Tour Guide Systems

Welcome to the Tour Guide Systems blog, check back soon for more updates.