So, its a beautiful day for a walking tour with glorious sunshine but its hot, very hot. Most of the tourguide receivers and tourguide transmitters will operate in ambient temperatures between 0° and 40° C (32° to 104° F). The performance of their different battery types may be adversly affected by extreme temperatures, so keep devices out of direct sunlight where possible.

Battery charging is typically made in an ambient temperature range between 10° and 40° C (50° to 104° F). Always ensure any ventilation grilles on chargers/cases are unobstructed and case-lids are open during charging. During charging, avoid placing equipment on soft furnishings or carpet; find a table-top or hard-floor. Check the power cable(s) and connector(s) are undamaged before use and avoid mains adapter plugs, where possible plug-in direct to a wall socket. If a device or charger is too hot to touch, then turn off the power and wait until its cooler.

Do not leave tourguide equipment in a parked vehicle where it may be exposed to very high temperatures caused by direct sunlight – place it in the boot or take it with you.

When charging your tourguide equipment, remember to place the charger and devices out of the sunlight or any other sources of heat.

So, take care of your tourguide equipment in the similar way to your mobile phone, avoiding extreme temperatures.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual

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