One of the benefits of all-digital technology used in tourguide systems like ListenTALK is product updates. Listen have announced further enhancements to features of ListenTALK due to customer requests and comments.  As a result, there is a new Software and Firmware available for use with the ListenTALK system.

New & improved features:

  • Added New Receive-Only Units to the ListenTALK product family – LKR-11 ListenTALK Receiver Pro and LKR-12 ListenTALK Receiver Basic
  • Added Leader Mute Disabled – Locks unit into a transmit-always state
  • Added Neck Loop Compatibility – Allows compatibility with different neck loop manufacturers
  • Added Side-tone-Off setting to Software Suite and Internal Menu
  • Added Line Input Symbol to display – Visual indication that unit is in line input mode

There are also fixes to other minor issues.

The October 2018 versions are:

LK-1 FW: 1.07.22
Dock/Case FW: 0.01.78
ListenTALK Software Suite:

Download Software

To take full advantage of the ListenTALK updates please download the new Software, update the Docking Stations (Tray or Case) Firmware then update the firmware in the ListenTALK units.

For step-by-step instructions, download this tech note. If you’d like assistance do please contact us.